About Aoyama & Co.

Stated in 2006, in a belief in "bring JAPAN close to you," Aoyama & Co., Ltd. (Aoyamaandco.com) is an online store catered to customers all over the world with thousands of high quality Japanese products which are hard-to-find elsewhere and/or only available in Japan. Needless to say, all products we sell are new and in original packaging.

Aoyama & Co., Ltd. is a company incorporated in Fukui, Fukui Japan and it is where our office and logistics center are located.

As with other online sellers, we has been in business on eBay and Amazon.com Marketplace for years and enjoyed serving tens of thousands of customers.

In this store, we believe we can even better serve both our existing and new customers in an environment where we offer competitive prices for shoppers buy direct from Japan.

All products we sell are made for Japanese domestic market and sourced from various suppliers within Japan; We 100% guarantee the authenticity of each product we sell!

As the products are for Japanese domestic market, their packaging and instructional manuals, unless otherwise stated in the product listing, are commonly in Japanese only.

Please also keep compatibility issue in mind such as region coding for DVDs, Blu-rays, game software and game consoles, and AC power requirement for electronics. A lot of Japanese electronics are made for AC100V power outlet and it may require an electronic converter for use outside of Japan.

We highly encourage you to research or ask question to us on the item you are interested if you are not 100% sure of its specification before proceeding to order. Our friendly and experienced personnel are more than happy to answer any questions you may have for any items in our store.